The purpose of this website is not to look great and have a perfect design, what counts is pure functionality
This website is a colection as much original files as possible and have them sorted perfectly
New files will be added daily, all files are checked from one of us to be sure that they are correct
As quite a big server for hosting is needed and also very much time to check every file to be OK, the price of the files is just to finance this website

Files can only be downloaded after your payment or your exchange accepted.
As soon as you click on a file, after your payment, it will be counted as downloaded, we dont refund a missclick
If you dont have Software or Hardware number, you can enter also the model you search for (e.g.: Passat) and it will list you all VW passat  
If you dont find a file in our database, please contact us and we will try to get it immediately

Any original file costs 20euros, it can contain only Eprom, only Flash, only Mpc or all together.
For any other customized backup repair request we will inform you before we start working, all the things will be done within 1 hour, most times faster
If you have a original file which is not in our database, please send a email to us with details, we will check and if need we give you a coupon in exchange to buy another
file from our site or money if the file is ok
Please consider that we are adding coupons manually after the the file received, so this can take some time
If your paypal email adress is not the same as your registration email, please enter it as information when sending payment with paypal or go to your account and download directly.