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           These backups are read from computers taken off from other used cars or gathered from the internet. They can function correctly or not, being not softs of manufacturing companies except some information of memories and are used for repairing the cars easier by comparisons and tests with different information.

         Where we have more backups for a ECU, we added more items named with #1, #2 and #3 to can have more posibility to compare with your ECU backup. We use abreviation for epr = serial eeprom (or MCU eprom), fls= flash (readed by OBD, BDM or programmer), mpc= microprocesor. 

         We have more ECU backups readed by us and we maybe added to details the informations from the label, but maybe inside the software was changed before our readed and we not detected yet, please informe us for corect a mistake.
         We try to have here only ORI file, not modified but maybe we read a ECU and not know if somebody changed before our reading, so we don't warranty is for sure in original status.