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I buy a ECU backup but not received anything.

After your payment you receive a email with a download link for your purchased item, also you can download from your Website account directly. If not manage to get it send us a email and we will send it by email.

I buy a ECU backup and not received nothing by courier like a ECU itself and not a tracking number of delivery.

We sell only ECU backups (the software from ECU) not ECU itslf, so you received a email with download link for get the ordered ECU software.

I buy a Ecu backup from your website thinking is a ECU itself, can I get my money back?

If you allready pay you allready received the download link and get the software or cand get from your website account. That's mean you received what you pay for and we can't take it back like another phisycaly item and can't refund you.

I order a ECU backup but I received a software not like in description, what can I do?

Send us a email with your ECU backup ordered details and we check and try to clear the problem. Maybe some information was added wrong by our team or we read a ECU backup from a ECU and add label information in details, but inside of software is another details and we not detected.